Death work resources

A collection of death and grieving resources that I have found helpful.

I am not sponsored by any of these groups.


Death Witchcraft

Death Witchcraft: Volume 1 & Volume 2 - Yunan Kirkbride

Death Tarot Zine - TwentyTwoZines


Death and Dying Practices & Customs

Do I Have to Wear Black? - Mortellus


End of Life Planning

My End-of-Life Decisions - Compassion & Choices (Free printable download)


Dying Pagan: Managing A Special Needs Kinda Death - Katrina Rasbold

Cake - End of life planning with free and paid resources


Grief and Bereavement support

Dougy - free resources and grief support group facilitator


History of Death

Death and the Afterlife - Clifford A. Pickover


General Death Education

TalkDeath - Death Positive, Grief & Bereavement Services

Death, The Great Teacher - Ritualcravt Journal

Very Well Health - End of life concerns


Death/Cthonic Deity Work

On Death and Dying - Ritualcravt Journal (Santa Muerte)

Keeping Her Keys - Prayer & Ritual to Hekate For the Dead


Tarot for Death Processing

Lessons of Loss: Tarot Spread for Grief - Ritualcravt Journal