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Protection Amulet

Vial Amulet containing a general, handcrafted protection powder. Wear to help protect yourself from …

Welcome to Witch of All Trades!
This site is a collection of 15 years worth of exploration & hard work on my path as a Witch. What is presented here are goods & services that I passionately stand behind & whose development is a combination of personal creativity & spirituality. I offer an array of witchcraft products, art, poetry, and I'm sure more will follow!
This is my chaotic journey so far...

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Sunshine Sereni-Tea

Let the warm glow of Sunshine Sereni-Tea brighten your day with solar wellness vibes in every sip. O…

Peony Milk Bath

Indulge in Luxury with Our Peony Milk Bath: Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and skin-nouri…


Introducing Our Self Heal, Chamomile, and Hyssop Tea Blend: Elevate your tea-drinking experience wit…

Dandelion Salve

Experience the transformative power of nature with our exquisite Dandelion Salve. Thoughtfully handc…

Mugwort Salve

Unleash the power of Mugwort with our soothing and nourishing salve. Naturally crafted to calm, mois…


A Summer Haiku

Low, Dragonfly spoke.They said where they were goingBut they stayed awhile.

Jul 9th 2024

The Gatekeeper, the Guardian, the Groundskeeper: Cemetery Essence Project

Cemeteries and other places of the dead often have one. A head spirit of the grounds who keeps an

May 24th 2024

Autumnal plant lessons & Winter pathworking

Autumn days are slipping ever closer to winter here. I can tell I'm naturally making the shifts t

Nov 26th 2023