Summer 2023 Work and Art Share

Summer 2023 Work and Art Share

Mel on Jul 12th 2023

These past couple of months have been quiet here, huh?

If you’ve read my previous posts from earlier this year, you’ll know that the word I’m working with for this year is Flow. So, for the first 6 months I’ve been surrendering to the flow, engaging with my chaos deities, and moving with whatever comes. With being the key word there.

And then life happened. Death happened. Health issues happened. And even more surrendering was required.

Moving into the second half of the year, my work with Flow is shifting. I’m reestablishing a daily spiritual practice that makes me feel the most balanced or in Flow with myself. Some of these practices include fire elemental work for the season and another magic research project – reading and analyzing The Coffin Texts.

I’m still working on art, poetry, and some other goods like jewelry, sigils, and homemade paper. I plan on sharing more of that work here, but I discuss all of that more frequently on my Patreon, if you’re interested in creative updates.

In short, I’m slowing down and working to deepen my witchcraft even further. This year has been so very full, and I need to lean into my practice to find more equilibrium.

And to that effect, here is my latest Fire art creation – Frith. This sun figure is a central deity in the mythos of the Watership Down universe. I have loved this film since I was a kid for the amazing story and the brief meeting of Frith. When it comes to solar deities, there aren’t many that I particularly connect with, but I always liked Frith. This sun seemed quite fair in its judgements. And at that age, around 6 I’d say, I was used to hearing about one god in the sky and he seemed fairly upset at humans with all the floods and brimstone and whatnot. While I have studied more fire and solar deities up to this point, I wanted to start with the first one who taught me that gods, especially fiery sky ones, could seem compassionate and just.

I’m tending my inner flame this summer. What does this season ask of you?